WJOSS is an original and 100% Online Buying and Selling Media made in Indonesia. We are present at online services serving and accommodating the needs of Indonesian citizens, where WJOSS itself stands for Denizens JOSS !.

The motto of WJOSS is HONEST BUYING citizens. Like e-commers, social media, and systems to support Indonesians in selling and marketing various kinds of their products, WJOSS as a medium for populating MSMEs, a place to do business/service promos, as well as legal public product marketplaces freely traded in this country, and not against the law, both new and used items.

WJOSS supports a flexible transaction process, where if you are a buyer, you can transfer directly to the seller's account. However, our system does not recommend it. The system still recommends transferring funds through a Joint Account that is already available. So that the three parties, both the buyer, the system, and the seller will create mutual security and convenience in shopping and transacting.

On the WJOSS system itself, it has additional system services for citizen administration/citizenship, to help residents at the RT level especially in the process of administering citizenship documents. Currently WJOSS is still in the Soft Launching stage, or in the beta version since October 2018, and will be officially launched to the public in mid-2019.

For e-commerce services only, the system calls it EJOSS. For services that are complex and complete, the system calls them WJOSS. You, as a user of this system, are free to choose, register as EJOSS users only or as WJOSS users.

If you register as a WJOSS user because maybe you are a citizen manager at the RT level, for example the RT leader or RT secretary, and the ranks, this application is very suitable to be used as a support system that helps you in:
• Managing/regulating citizen data collection (citizen database),
• Population data administration system,
• Regulate and announce citizen activities in your neighborhood.
• as well, all your residents will automatically become EJOSS users that can be used on this WJOSS system.

All data will be safely stored in our database, and you are free to do, back up data, delete data, and edit the data that you input in the system, in accordance with our Terms and Policies.

This application system was created as a form of our organization's social activities to create an honest and credible Online Buying and Selling Media, so that it can help Indonesian citizens in obtaining business opportunities, market opportunities, and equitable education (Neighborhood Association).